Injury Prevention Workshops

Education is a key component of the behaviour change process.

Research now shows that traditional manual handling training has little to no effect, which is why Logic Health has developed a range of participative injury prevention packages, which are complemented by onsite coaching.

All our workshops are customised to your specific needs and risks, and provide realistic relevant solutions to your employees. These workshops can be conducted at prestart meetings, monthly safety meetings or can be integrated into site inductions. The workshops are designed to educate your employees on the musculoskeletal risk prevalent in their work tasks, and how this risk can effect their ability to carry out the job, or their quality of life. We then take employees through the key risk mitigation strategies and consult with them to make sure these strategies can be integrated into their jobs.

Some of our popular injury prevention workshops include:

Stretch Boss

Stretch Boss is an innovative program that is customised to the high risk musculoskeletal areas of your workforce. Stretch Boss is designed to prevent the frequent down falls of other stretching programs, and therefore have sustainability. The program aims to educate all individuals to conduct pre-start and regular stretching, which enables independence not dependence on two or three individuals to always lead the stretching sessions.

Fitter for Life

A customised, competency based workshop designed to address the musculoskeletal risks specific to fitters including wrist, forearm and low back. Participants learn injury prevention strategies such as appropriate stretches, abdominal bracing, de-tensioning plans and specific conditioning exercises to combat musculoskeletal risks that develop as a result of daily tasks.

Super Spine

Super Spine is customised to provide information specific to your workforce and provide realistic solutions to manual handling risks. Super Spine introduces employees to participative ergonomics, which research shows is more effective than education alone. Super Spine is interactive and uses a series of relevant scenarios and practical activities to further employees understanding of risk identification and mitigation.

Smooth Operator

A customised, competency based workshop designed to address health and musculoskeletal risks specific to mobile plant operators. Smooth Operator is practical in nature and focuses on injury prevention through correct access and egress techniques, correct cab ergonomics and effective strategies to negate static postures. Smooth Operator addresses lifestyle risk factors such as diet, fatigue and exercise.