Ensuring your hire the right people for the job quickly

With one of Australia’s largest networks of owner operator Occupational Health Clinics backed by our network of 65 partner clinics Logic Health can meet all your medical needs anywhere in Australia and overseas.

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Logic Health has built one of the most robust pre-employment testing systems available on the market. We are not a tick and flick pre-employment provider we pride ourselves on our job specific testing standards and ensure you hire the correct people for the job and your business is not exposed to health, safety and injury risks.

With a dedicated Occupational health Medical Director and a Chief Medical Officer our corporate governance is unsurpassed.

Logic Health has a dedicated centralised:

Medical bookings Team
Coordinate all your booking nationally and internationally our dedicated bookings team can either take your online bookings or you can contact them on the phone between 8-7pm (EST)

Results Management Team
Responsible for not only getting results back to clients quickly this team consists of occupational health experts who review all results to ensure candidate gradings are inline with our processes and make sure the results are succinct and easy to read.

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