functional assessment

What Is a Functional Assessment?

Hiring the right individuals for the right roles is paramount in every workplace. There are a range of requirements for particular positions across your workforce, with many different tasks and capabilities calling for both physical and mental health in order to carry out. This is why it is vital that every employee is able to […]

pre employment drug test

Pre-Employment Drug Test: Everything You Need To Know

Pre-employment drug tests are an essential step to take to build a happy, healthy and productive workforce. Whether you’re a small-scale operation or a bustling conglomerate, all employers should put measures in place to ensure a bright and positive workplace for everyone. Discover everything you should know about pre-employment testing and why you should start […]

flu vaccinations

Workplace Flu Vaccinations: Why Everyone Should Get A Flu Shot

Protection is one of the biggest aspects of your workplace. Keeping your staff safe and healthy is good for your workforce, good for you and good for business. Whether you are a small-scale start-up or a larger operation, every company should take the right measures to make sure their people are protected all year round. […]

Your occupational healthcare partner

What Happens if a Candidate is deemed a High Risk during a Pre-employment Medical Test?

A pre-employment medical test is a workforce risk management tool that often makes up part of the recruitment process. These are especially common in industries and roles which require manual labour, heavy lifting or exposure to toxic gases and fumes on a regular basis. The test usually involves an assessment of a candidate’s overall health, […]

Injury Management and Rehabilitation

Workplace injuries are detrimental to both employees and employers. They can be life-changing for the employee, while for the employer, they can lead to unplanned downtime, increased associated costs and a decline in workplace satisfaction and morale. In the event of a workplace incident, getting workers back to work safely and efficiently is key to […]

ergonomic assessments

The Importance of Ergonomic Assessments

What is ergonomics? Ergonomics refers to studying and addressing the various factors that contribute to creating a safe and healthy workforce and workplace environment. It focuses on designing and arranging each element within a workplace, such as the overall layout, workstation design, task design, lighting, noise and air quality to optimise the interaction between employees […]

sleep deprivation effects

Sleep Deprivation at Work and How to Prevent It

Getting enough, good quality sleep is as essential to our health and well-being as a balanced diet and exercise. Yet approximately 1 in 3 of us are not getting enough at the quality we need.  When we don’t get enough quality sleep, this is known as sleep deprivation, and it can lead to several short […]

Blue Collar Medicals

Crystalline Silica

How can Logic Health Help with Health Monitoring for Crystalline Silica? · All Logic Health clinics across the nation can complete the Crystalline Silica Health Monitoring Medical Assessment and Spirometry required for health monitoring · We will also arrange ILO Chest X-rays or for WA low dose HRCT scans based on the required frequencies (baseline […]

Functional Assessments

How to choose your pre-employment medical partner

A common question we get here at Logic Health is how do you compare to other providers. Well, not all things are created equal, and the same notion applies to pre-employment providers in the market. In the past five years, there has been a strong emergence of occupational health providers that are bidding for your […]

Pre-Employment Medicals

Pre Employment Medical Reducing Workers Compensation

Sprain and strain injuries continue to account for approximately 42% of all serious Workers Compensation (WC) claims. One of the keys to reducing exposure to WC costs is to eliminate as much sprain and strain risk from the business, this includes through the pre-employment medical process. Not only are you limiting risk to the business but also protecting the individual from the significant negative impact of the serious injury.

Logic Health is Hiring in NSW

Logic Health is increasing our presence in NSW and we are looking for Exercise Physiologists to join our national team.

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