Injury Prevention


Stretch Boss

Stretch Boss is an innovative program that is customised to the high risk musculoskeletal areas of your workforce. Stretch Boss is designed to prevent the frequent downfalls of other warm up for work programs, and therefore has sustainability.

Manual Handling Training

Research has shown that traditional manual handling training has little to no effect, which is why Logic Health has developed a range of participative injury prevention packages, which are complemented by on-site coaching.

Once the assessments are completed a brief report with cost effective solutions, and an action plan to implement the changes is handed to the key stakeholders. Our Exercise Physiologists oversee the process from start to finish with continual consultation from major stakeholders, thus limiting disruptions to the workforce.

Early Intervention Program

Logic Health offers an Early Intervention Program (EIP) that allows fast and effective treatment for workers with mild to moderate musculoskeletal injuries. We provide access to physiotherapists and exercise physiologists over Telehealth (or face-to-face if able), and assist with diagnosing, rehabilitation, as well as making recommendations to overall work capacity. The benefit of this program is that we can begin treatment immediately, potentially improving recovery time, limiting or avoiding aggravation or further injury and a quicker return to work.

Ergonomic Assessments

Logic Health conducts specialised assessments to identify and correct manual handling training and ergonomic risk present at your workplace. This may be office ergonomic assessments, manual handling assessments on particular high risk tasks or workshop assessments.


Education is a key component of the behaviour change process.

Logic Health conducts customised health workshops that are relevant, hands on, competency based and customised to your workforce. These workshops can be conducted at prestart meetings, monthly safety meetings or can be integrated into site inductions. The workshops are designed to educate your employees on reducing cardiovascular risk and improving quality of life and productivity.

Some of our popular health workshops include:

  • Healthy Heart
  • Men’s Health
  • Reading Food Labels
  • Physical Activity Guidelines
  • Hydration
  • Stress
  • Fatigue

Covid Screening

Logic Health can provide Rapid Antigen screening services to your workplace with our onsite screening teams.

Occhealth Predict

OccHealth Predict is our Occupational Health & Hygiene Business Intelligence tool that enables organisations to:

  • Manage compliance and regulatory requirements
  • Measure, track, and trend health and injury risk
  • Intervene prior to workers compensation claims
  • Automate scheduling for medicals and hygiene monitoring
  • Track and trend employees complete medical data from hire to retire

Job Task Analysis

Our Accredited Exercise Physiologists functionally analyse a job to evaluate the musculoskeletal risks Our findings are presented in a logical easy to read format that highlights the risks to each body part and presents suggestions for cost effective risk mitigation strategies.

Applications for JTA’s include:

  • Return to work planning
  • Education of treating practitioner for injured workers
  • Risk identification and mitigation
  • Formation of customised injury prevention workshops
  • Pre-employment screening of candidates
  • Development of specific Pre-employment Functional Assessments
  • Job & task inductions (new starters)

Flu Vaccinations

Logic Health runs onsite Flu Clinics nationally to our clients.

We have two delivery methods for this:

  • Onsite: Our vaccination specialist attends your site and sets up a clinic.
  • In Our Clinic: Logic Health provides you with pre-paid flu vouchers. These are given to your staff and they attend the most convenient clinic for them to receive their flu vaccine.

Onsite Medical Services

Logic Health has the ability to set up and run onsite medical centres from a whole of project to a short term solution.

Our staff work on both short term and long term contracts to ensure you are providing the best possible protection for your staff.

Onsite Medical Personnel

  • Paramedics
  • Registered nurses
  • Physiotherapists
  • Occupational Health Screeners
  • Exercise physiologists

Onsite Doctors

  • Doctors
  • Specialist occupational physicians
  • 24 hour emergency doctors.

We are qualified and equipped to manage the provision of Health Services Permits, Poison Permits and doctor on-call services.

This includes the authority to purchase and use medicines for onsite medical treatment, the monitoring of compliance in accordance with state-based regulations and the provision of a dedicated doctor on-call service twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.