Allied Health


Friendly Allied Health Practitioners



Physiotherapists are healthcare professionals who diagnose and manage a wide range of conditions related to the bones, muscles, cardiovascular system, nerves, and other parts and systems of the body. They provide assistance to people in managing chronic diseases, offer lifestyle advice, prescribe exercises and aids to help people manage their conditions better, and give valuable advice.


Psychologists are trained health professionals who specialise in various areas such as clinical, neuropsychology, health, community, forensic, organizational, sports, and exercise psychology.


Dietitians help individuals understand the correlation between food and health, and support them in making dietary changes to promote better health and wellbeing.


Podiatrists specialise in the health of the foot, ankle, and lower limbs. They are equipped to prevent, diagnose, and treat a wide range of conditions. Additionally, they can address foot issues that arise from underlying medical conditions like diabetes and arthritis.

Exercise Physiology

An exercise physiologist is a highly trained allied health professional who specialises in understanding the body’s response to exercise. They possess far more knowledge and expertise than your average personal trainer or gym instructor. Exercise physiologists are required to have tertiary education and possess extensive knowledge about the human body and the benefits that exercise has on it, both mentally and physically.