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Logic Health Allied Health takes great pride in its role as an integral part of the ForHealth Group, contributing significantly to its mission of delivering comprehensive healthcare solutions across the country. With a rich history of excellence in allied health, Occ Health, services, Logic Health has consistently maintained a leading position by offering a distinctive, multidisciplinary approach to injury management and rehabilitation.

Built upon the foundation of a multidisciplinary approach to injury management, including Injury Rehabilitation, Workers’ Compensation, Compulsory Third Party (CTP), injury prevention, Occ Health, and Care Plans (EPC), we provide a wide range of services. These include physiotherapy, psychology, podiatry, exercise physiology, occupational therapy, diabetes education, counselling, audiology, optometry, social work, osteopathy, acupuncture, chiropractic care, and much more. With over 70 clinics nationwide, our facilities are fully equipped to deliver a holistic therapy approach, allowing us to design tailored rehabilitation programs in collaboration with highly qualified healthcare professionals to optimise recovery.

As a proud member of the ForHealth Group, our clinics uphold the same commitment to innovation and excellence. We collaborate closely with our patients, general practitioners, specialists, and other medical professionals to craft individualised treatment plans that address patients’ needs. By integrating achievable goals and objectives, we facilitate recovery journeys, whether it involves post-surgery rehabilitation, recovering from weekend sporting activities, or overcoming challenges in daily functions. We also collaborate closely with internal and external stakeholders in industries such as workers’ compensation, CTP, insurance, and related sectors to ensure optimal client outcomes.

Our team of compassionate and skilled allied health professionals is dedicated to minimising the impact of injuries and facilitating an optimal return to both recreational and work commitments. Furthermore, we actively engage with local communities through participation in charity and community events, contributing to the health and happiness of Australians.

Together with the ForHealth Group, Logic Health Allied Health is steadfast in its commitment to promoting nationwide health and well-being. We eagerly anticipate continuing our journey of serving communities with excellence in allied health care. To schedule an appointment with one of our allied health professionals, please use the booking button below and locate a nearby practice:

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