Injury Management


Rapid Injury Management Hotline

Rapid Injury Management is Logic Health’s national, early intervention service for injured employees. Our hotline links up these employees with specialised Emergency Physicians via Video Consult.

Why Choose Rapid?

  • Employees can connect to a doctor in a matter of minutes! No more timely delays in a medical centre or hospital.
  • Allows for the facilitation of Return to Work immediately after injury, thus reducing Lost Time Injuries (LTI’s), claims and associated costs.
  • These doctors have a background in Occupational Health, to ensure employees receive quality treatment, with a   return-to-work focus.
  • Certificates, reports and e-scripts can all be issued in real time, ensuring receipt of all the necessary forms to begin   treatment ASAP!
  • The hotline is available 24 hours a day /7 days a week.
  • Allows for a specialised Injury Management Consultant (IMC) to support the injured employee returning to work.

How it works

Contacting our phone hotline is simple and convenient. It is as simple as the injured employee (or any employer representative) dialling into the service and connecting to one of our dedicated representatives.

1. Call the Rapid Hotline and a representative will complete injury intake, book a doctor’s appointment, and choose the best time to suit.

2. Employee will receive an SMS and email with an appointment link.

3. Employee clicks on the link at the time of the appointment, to join video consult.

4. An Emergency Physician will consult with the Employee. A Rapid IMC can be present for the appointment, to support the employee.

5. The Dr will issue an Initial Certificate of Capacity, following the appointment, as well as any e-scripts or referrals for further tests or treatment.

6. If additional support is required, a Rapid IMC can provide further follow-up, to ensure a timely and effective return to work.

Case Management

Injured Employees can be managed by an Injury Management Consultant (IMC), who will oversee treatment from the moment of injury, until full recovery. The IMC assists through organising appointments, assessing workplaces, creating return to work plans, and managing treatment. The

major advantage of having employees managed by an IMC is that it can assist with the efficient, safe, durable and timely return to work of an employee.

Medical Network

With access to Diagnostic Imaging services and a range of Allied Health Professionals at most centres, your employees can be assessed, diagnosed and treated immediately by experienced Occupational Health practitioners.

Fitness For Work Assessment

⁠Logic Health’s Fitness for Work Assessment determines whether an employee is able to complete their job role, following illness or injury. These involve a review from a GP who specialises in occupational health, who will provide a certificate outlining their current capacity, any further treatment or management, as well as any restrictions required for them to return to work. Other components can also be included, based on your needs, including a customised functional assessment that can build based on job role and their injury. These assessments are crucial to protect employers from costs associated with injuries or illness and mitigate any increased risk from returning to work.

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