Our Capabilities


Logic Health exists to deliver dedicated and customised occupational healthcare solutions. Our aim is to mitigate risk, which is good for people and makes sense for business. We are a national healthcare provider with occupational health clinics located in both metro and regional areas across Australia.

Logic Health is supported by our parent company the ForHealth Group, which owns and operates 70 medical centres nationally, employs over 1,000 doctors, 200 allied health professionals and 500 nurses with the foundation mission to provide quality, accessible healthcare. As a result, Logic Health is one of Australia’s largest owned and operated occupational healthcare clinics.

Owning and operating our specialist Occupational Health Clinics provides a unique level of service and access unlike other providers. With dedicated Occupational Health Doctors, Nurses, Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists as well as medical specialists such as Occupational Physicians, Independent Medical Examiners and Independent Medical Consultants we ensure a quality of service that is unparalleled.

We understand that recruitment is an emergency as it is time critical and holds the keys to business operations, as such we treat every referral like it is an emergency with focus on same day bookings and same day results through a centralised support team that operates 12 hours per day. This support, coupled with 100’s of accessible locations across all states means that Logic Health can be your occupational health partner.