Pre-Employment Medicals


Logic Health is a national provider of occupational health and pre-employment medical services in Perth, Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Gold Coast.

We also have clinics that service our regional areas all over Australia and are integrated into numerous Forhealth Medical centres with a network of specialised Occupational Health Doctors, making our services extremely accessible, high quality and time efficient for all of our clients and their needs.

Efficient Booking Service, Fast Returned Results.

How? By having a dedicated and centralised:

Medical Booking Team

Booking a pre-employment medical appointment with Logic Health is made easy with our bookings team who are available by phone and email from 8am-7pm EST. Our booking team is dedicated to ensuring our clients can get the most convenient appointment location and time for them and their candidates, allowing them to be job ready without any delays.

Results Management Team

Responsible for not only getting results back to clients quickly, our team consists of occupational health experts who do a final risk check of the results prior to returning to the client. We want to make sure your results are easy to interpret without compromising on quality, and in line with job requirements.

Pre-employment Medicals help to:

  • Effectively measure an individual’s physical and psychological capacity to carry out required tasks
  • Reduce injuries and Work Cover claims
  • Provide a safe workplace by reducing harm to others and themselves
  • Improving performance and productivity
  • Reducing recruitment costs by ensuring employee is fit to commence or continue work

We are able to complete a wide variety of medicals that are customisable to your needs.

Standard Medical

Functional Assessments

Periodic Medicals

Digital Medical Screening

Commercial Drivers Medicals

Rail Category Medicals

Coal Board Medicals

Hazardous Materials Medicals

Diving Medicals

White Collar Medicals

Blue Collar Medicals

Pre-employment medicals simple steps

icon Submit

Employer submits booking request

2 Hours

Logic Health books and confirms appointment

0-3 Days

Candidate arrives and complete assessment

1-24 Hours

Dedicated Logic Health team review results


Results are sent back to client