About Us

Our Story

The fact of the matter is that there is quite a few companies out there providing similar services to us, and it seems to be growing at a steady rate. We are not the cheapest provider on the market nor are we the most expensive. We put our staff through regular training through IFAP, AIM and other outstanding RTO’s as well as trade specific training with Exercise and Sport Science Australia. We have time dedicated each week to the research and development that will change how we do business and provide a much more efficient service for you. We build long term relationships, not that we have to be doing work for you the whole time, but if you ever felt the need that you wanted some specific information or advice that you could pick up the phone and talk to us directly.

We are members of Exercise and Sport Science Australia, Australian Physiotherapy Association, Workplace Health Association of Australia and the Occupational Health Society of Australia.

To stay at the forefront of research we try and present at relevant industry conferences such as

  • Safety Institute of Australia – 2014
  • Survey Safe HSE Committee – 2014
  • Chamber of Mining & Energy HSE Conference 2015
  • Safety Institute of Australia 2015

What we are not

  • There to make you reliant and dependant on us
  • There to give you short term solutions
  • There to make your life a misery
  • There to make as much money as possible from you

About us

Eoghan McKenna – Managing Director

After finishing my degree and spending time travelling I started work in the resources sector. First as a Health & Lifestyle coordinator and then for some time as a trade assistant before eventually returning to exercise physiology. Through my years as a a trade assistant I was continually frustrated by the annual “manual handling education”, when some consultant or corporate employee would come and watch us do some work only to try and then tell us how we should actually be doing our job. When I started Logic health I wanted to change this standard practice and spend time in the field with the employees and crews actually doing their job with them to provide relevant and realistic solutions, not the standard bend your knees, keep your back straight. This Onsite Coaching has received great feedback from workers all over Australia and is key to our successful engagement.

My real passion is seeing individuals make changes that improve their lives either through improved health outcomes or reducing their risk of injury.

Joshua Baharthah – Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Josh is a Brazilian Jujitsu nut and a biomechanics freak. He has a strong passion to find more ergonomically sound methods for employees to complete their work tasks which will reduce the impact on their musculoskeletal and cardiovascular health. Josh works with a wide variety of our clients across construction, mining, aged care and maritime.

Dale Hawkins – Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Hailing from country Victoria Dale is an avid supporter of the Geelong Cats. Dale has spent the majority of his time with Logic Health completing pre-employment assessments or onsite on some of Australia’s largest construction sites getting his hands dirty conducting onsite coaching.

Jessica Allen – Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Jess has a passion for improving the health and wellbeing of the individual and works closely with our job hardening clients to get the best outcomes for both the employee and the organisation. Jess has a in-depth understanding of rehabilitation as well as the impact of an individual’s perception of pain on their progress.

Ben Simpson – Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Ben is the youngest member of our team and works both with our pre-employment and job hardening clients. Bens enthusiasm to get the right outcome for both the employee and the employer has seen many lives positively impacted.