Coal Board Medicals


QLD Coal Mine Workers Health Scheme / QLD Coal Board Medicals

A Coal Board Medical is required for any individual employed or applying to work in the Coal Mine Industry. These medicals can provide early detection of any respiratory diseases that are common in mine workers. Regulated by the Queensland government, the Coal Mine Workers Health Scheme protects the health and safety of all employees and contractors by ensuring they complete the compulsory health assessments. The medical is broken down into 4 sections

Section 1 is completed by the employer. It includes information about the AMA, the employer, the worker’s position, similar exposure groups and the health risks associated with employment

Section 2 is completed by the worker. Similar to a medical questionnaire, it documents the worker’s personal details as well as work and medical history information. Photo ID must be brought to the assessment

Section 3 consists of the following medical components, Medical, Audiometry, Spirometry, Drug and Alcohol Screen, ILO Chest X-Ray and dual B-Read. For the dual B-Read of the Chest X-ray to occur the worker must register with lung screen (ideally before their appointment) and provide that information to our bookings team or bring along to the clinic for their appointment.

Section 4 is the overall sign off completed by the registered AMA. It details the workers fitness for duty, work restrictions(if any) and requirements for a subsequent follow-up and assessment of the worker.

Logic Health is able to update a Section 4 change of employer if a worker has completed a Coal board medical with a different employer and can complete subsequent reviews for workers who need their Section 4 updated to continue working on site.

NSW Coal Mine Workers Order 43/ NSW Coal Board Medical

Any employee and contractor working in a Coal Mine in NSW, are required to complete the Order 43 Coal Miners Medical under the NSW Coal Mining Health and Safety Scheme. Logic Health can complete Order 43 medicals as pre-placement, periodic assessments and exit medicals.

The components for an Order 43/NSW coal board medical include NSW Coal Board Medical (Order 43), Audiometry, Spirometry,Drug and Alcohol Screen, Chest XRay & Respiratory Fit Test. A functional assessment can be included for pre-placement medicals as required. Once the medical is completed the full assessment is sent to Coal Services. who provide the approved medical practitioner with approval to sign off on the medical.

Every coal worker must undertake the periodic medical assessment: Every three (3) years from the coal worker’s pre-placement medical assessment carried out under the Order, or not more than three (3) years from when they commenced work, whichever is earlier; and no more than every three (3) years after that.

Underground coal workers must undergo a chest x-ray every three (3) years; open cut workers involved in the production, processing or maintenance of coal must undergo a chest x-ray every three (3) years; workers with a history of hazardous dust exposure must undergo a chest x-ray every three (3) years. Other workers will undergo a chest x-ray every six (6) years.