Digital Medical Screening


We have the ability to complete medicals through an online portal which provides data on all candidates to manage and monitor their health and well-being. It is able to track candidates from hire to retirement.

Logic Health have a proprietary software solution called OccHealth Predict that allows customers to screen candidates quickly and affordably using a digital medical questionnaire.

Imagine the ability to monitor and track every individual’s health and injury risk in the organisation. Imagine having the intelligence to easily manage occ health obligations and target risks and costs before they impact the organisation. Using Occ Health Predict you can trend and track any metrics you choose and use the powerful information to motivate employee and management to continue their good work.

  • Automatically identify highest risk employees, sites and jobs
  • Delivers all compliance reporting data in one secure location
  • Automate the scheduling of Occupational Health surveillance to ensure compliance and save you time
  • Get reporting in real time
  • Automate Occupational Health reporting and target highest risks with accuracy

Digital Medical Assessment is a fantastic screening option for organization that don’t have a pre-employment budget or just standing up a new program to manage low risk role recruitment, this can be an affordable and fast solution. Get in touch today to establish whether this is suitable solution to help manager and mitigate your risk.