Pre-Employment Drug Test: Everything You Need To Know

pre employment drug test

Pre-employment drug tests are an essential step to take to build a happy, healthy and productive workforce. Whether you’re a small-scale operation or a bustling conglomerate, all employers should put measures in place to ensure a bright and positive workplace for everyone. Discover everything you should know about pre-employment testing and why you should start the process of implementing it in your business today…

What Is A Pre-Employment Drug Test And Why Do Employers Use Them?

A pre-employment medical drug test is a test which is put in place to determine a prospective employee’s suitability for work. This medical assessment will review whether the individual in question has been engaging in substance use, either actively or in the recent past. The test will analyse urine, hair or saliva to search for the positive presence of any illicit drugs or illegal substances that might interfere with job performance and environmental safety. This helps to screen prospective workers and determine reliable, compliant candidates who will contribute to a happy, healthy and productive environment.

Ensuring that no drug activity is happening in your business is crucial. Non-compliant individuals on your team pose a threat to your processes and the safety of your existing workforce. A fully operational business is safe and prioritises widespread well-being, so pre-employment medical testing should be regarded as key when recruiting potential new starters.

How Common Are Pre-Employment Drug Tests And What Drugs Are They Looking For?

Routine pre-employment drug testing and medical assessments are fast becoming standard practice across the country. This is because employers are recognising and enjoying the benefits of building a safe and productive workplace for their staff and their clients.

When it comes to the range of illicit substances that pre-employment tests screen for, there are a few baseline drugs that are always included. These will typically be any substances such as alcohol, amphetamines, methamphetamines, opiates, cannabis and cocaine. These are tested so that employers can effectively maintain and monitor the safety of the environment that they are responsible for creating. This will in turn mean that the environment is more complaint and the output remains productive. This is a key reason why pre-employment drug testing has become important for many different businesses throughout Australia.

What Methods Are Available For A Pre-Employment Drug Test In Australia?

While pre-employment drug tests screen for a range of substances, there is also a range of methods used to perform these assessments. There are four commonly used, primary methods for performing a pre-screening drug test.

These include:
Breath test: An alcohol breath test, otherwise known as a breathalyser test, brings fast and accurate results. This review tests for alcohol presence quickly and easily.

Urine: A urine test is used to screen for potential drug use or present intoxication in candidates. These substances might impact their suitability for the role, overall job performance and the widespread safety of the business at large.

Saliva: Otherwise known as an oral fluid drug test, this method will provide an accurate and reliable analysis of the individual’s intoxication or drug use status.

Hair follicle: A hair follicle drug test is a powerful tool. This method can provide a longer timeline of potential drug use in an individual. While intoxication may not be present in different tests, a hair follicle assessment will take a deep dive into substance use history for a sound review of the individual’s behaviour and interaction with substances over a longer period.

The above testing methods provide a fantastic insight into the habits and character of potential new employees, bringing more safety and security to the business with every new hire.

Protect Your Workplace With Pre-Employment Drug Testing From Safework Health

These tests are an efficient way of tending to your workforce and remaining compliant. At Logic Health, we provide a range of comprehensive solutions to make caring for your staff and your business easier. Alongside pre-employment drug testing, you’ll discover a range of dedicated services that can be performed both on-site and in-house for a solution that fits your needs. Gain a more efficient, safer and more productive workplace with one of Australia’s most trusted providers.
A pre-employment medical will help to measure your potential new employee’s ability to perform the necessary tasks required in the role. This helps to reduce any injuries and secure Work Cover claims, while also minimising risk and maximising performance – as well as productivity. Medicals also help to reduce any ongoing recruitment costs by making sure that every employee is fit to carry out their new role.

Discuss your options for pre-employment medicals and drug testing with the team at Logic Health. As a national provider, our conveniently located health clinics serve areas all over the country. Booking a pre-employment medical is quick and easy, making sure your prospective can nominate a time and location that works for them. Results will be provided promptly and will be easy to interpret, so you can focus on the important process of growing your workforce and building your business. We provide a wide range of medicals which can be customised to fit your unique needs, so you can feel secure knowing that you will be provided with every detail necessary before finalising any new employment contracts. Medicals ensure a better process for your business, your staff and your new employees. Get in touch to take the first step with Logic Health.