What Is a Functional Assessment?

functional assessment

Hiring the right individuals for the right roles is paramount in every workplace. There are a range of requirements for particular positions across your workforce, with many different tasks and capabilities calling for both physical and mental health in order to carry out. This is why it is vital that every employee is able to safely perform what is needed of them. Selecting the correct personnel will lay the foundations of a secure and healthy workplace, preventing injury, increasing productivity and ensuring a positive environment for everyone who interacts with your company.

Pre-employment screening is a great means of getting all the information you need about the candidate in question. It will assess whether the individual is fit to perform everything that is asked of them in their prospective position.

Whether you are actively recruiting new staff, or you are considering how you can maximise your workforce in a strategic and effective way, then implementing functional assessments is a healthy and wise step to invest in. There are a range of tests that your company can perform in order to find the right match for a role. This should both reflect the expectations that exist on a global scale within your business, but also correlate with the particular needs of the individual role that you are hiring for. Discover everything you need to know about functional assessments in the workplace to streamline your recruitment and to boost your business.

– What Is A Pre-Employment Drug Test and Why Do Employers Use Them?

Pre-employment drug and substance testing is an effective means of ensuring that your workplace is free of any illicit drugs, alcohol or other unwelcome substances. A pre-employment drug and alcohol test will identify the suitability of the candidate in question for the role, revealing their health, interaction with substances and personal history in order to provide your business with important and useful data prior to shortlisting individuals for a role.

– How Common Are Pre-Employment Drug Tests and What Drugs Are They Looking For?

Pre-employment testing is becoming increasingly popularised in Australia over, favoured for its quick, effective and accurate means of determining whether a candidate is the right fit for both the business and the role in question. While many workplaces will require to complete pre-employment testing in order to meet standard expectations and laws, many choose to implement the testing process in order to add another layer of security and peace of mind for the entire company. There are many benefits and ongoing positive effects of a simple and effective pre-employment assessment, and many businesses choose to add it into their employment process in order to enjoy these business boosting factors for the long term. Ensuring compliance, productivity and positivity is a key focus for companies who implement pre-employment drug and alcohol testing.

When performing a pre-employment test, a professional will be screening for substances such as alcohol, amphetamines, methamphetamines, cannabis, cocaine and opiates. These are the most typical drugs that are screened for during pre-employment testing.

– What Methods Are Available For A Pre-Employment Drug Test In Australia?

There are many different forms of pre-employment testing available in Australia. While there is a range of testing available, there are four more primary means of conducting a pre-employment drug and alcohol test. These are:

Alcohol Breath Testing

An alcohol breath test uses a breathalyser to analyse the presence of alcohol in a person’s bloodstream. This test is a quick and effective way of identifying alcohol use, without any unnecessary invasion.

Urine Drug Testing

A urine drug test will identify potential drug engagement or any active intoxication in subjects. The presence of substances will impact their ability to perform tasks at hand, and the overarching safety of the business in general.

Oral Fluid Drug Testing

An oral fluid drug test, or saliva test, is a less intrusive yet still informative means of determining intoxication or substance use within an individual’s system. It is an easier and less intimate test however it still provides reliable data.

Hair Follicle Drug Testing

This test is a great way of providing a longer scope of history in the individual at question. The hair follicle test will dive into a person’s past interaction with drugs and alcohol, which can be important for jobs that require a more frequent analysis of behaviours. This is also a powerful means of analysing the character and past of a potential candidate.

These testing methods provide a deep level of insight into the background, history and character of a prospective employee – as well as their habits and tendencies. This added layer of security is a powerful addition into any business and will aid your hiring process exponentially.

– Protect Your Workplace With Pre-Employment Drug Testing From Logic Health

A functional assessment can be customised to suit the needs and expectations within your business. We tailor your assessment process to the specific roles that you are hiring for, allowing us to accurately decipher whether the candidate is suitable for the specific demands of the job in question. The service will consist of particular physical tests that will be able to determine whether the individual meets the role’s requirements ­– with a detailed level of digestible information for you to review during the recruitment process. You will be able to make an informed decision for your future candidate, ensuring that you are only recruiting quality, productive candidates that will contribute to the overall health and wealth of your business.

Get in touch to begin the process today. Our team is here to assist you with all your pre-screening questions, needs and expectations. We have clinics conveniently located across Australia, so you can find a location that suits both your business and your prospective staff. For an easeful, efficient suite of services, as well as friendly assistance and informative advice, look no further than Logic Health.