Workplace Flu Vaccinations: Why Everyone Should Get A Flu Shot

flu vaccinations

Protection is one of the biggest aspects of your workplace. Keeping your staff safe and healthy is good for your workforce, good for you and good for business. Whether you are a small-scale start-up or a larger operation, every company should take the right measures to make sure their people are protected all year round. Flu shots are one of those key and regular steps you can take to ensure a happy, healthy staff that is fit for work. Keep reading to discover just why everyone should get a flu shot.

Employer Responsibility

As an employer, you play a pivotal role in the health and wellness of your team. With flu season regularly occurring year after year, it is essential to understand how your company will benefit from flu vaccinations at work.

Influenza (popularly referred to as the flu) can quickly spread through your workforce – especially in peak season which typically falls in the winter months. This illness is highly contagious and is often known to spread far before obvious symptoms occur. This can put your employees, any clients, family and friends at risk. Symptoms of the flu will usually manifest over a few days, and recovering from this illness can take up to two weeks or longer. This means that your team’s efficiency and health, as well as usual business operations, are at risk.

By introducing regular flu vaccinations into your workplace, you are set to gain a number of great benefits that will help to build out your wellness program and your business. These are just some of the organisational advances of flu shots you can expect to see once you invest in employee influenza vaccinations.

A decrease in absences

With a higher level of wellness and a decreased rate of flu comes a significant reduction in sick days. Fewer staff out sick means your projects, daily tasks and client management is all taken care of. Maintaining business as usual is paramount regardless of the time of year, but protecting your staff on site and making sure everyone can perform their necessary daily operations during the high-risk flu season is key.

A steady, reliable level of health

A flu vaccination helps to protect against illness, leaving your workplace less vulnerable in the long run. Vaccinations are important to overall health, playing a vital role in keeping your workplace running smoothly – they’re one of the most safe preventive care measures available. Flu is highly preventable, but left untreated it can cause your business and your workforce harm. Take the quick and simple step towards a happier and healthier place of work by opting for in-house or clinic vaccinations.

An increase in morale

With increased health and safety in your business, your workplace stands to become an even better place to work for your employees. Placing company-provided influenza vaccinations into your care plan will boost morale and ensure that your staff feel safe and cared for. Alongside a better overall level of health, vaccinations can contribute to a brighter, more positive environment for everyone. Employees can attend their place of work with confidence, knowing that they are protected and their families are not at risk of coming into contact with any potential flu cases.

Greater employee satisfaction

With a better level of overarching well-being and a boost in morale comes more employee satisfaction. A healthy workforce is a happy workforce, and the way to get there is by investing in the healthcare benefits you provide. Cultivating a healthy environment is a significant benefit for owners and staff alike, reducing overload and preventing any potential stress of employees carrying the additional workload from absent coworkers. You will also demonstrate to your staff that their health and well-being are your priority – a happy team means more productivity, better retention rates, less stress and higher levels of motivation.

Maintained compliance

As mentioned above, demonstrating to your employees that health is of high importance in your company is key. Acting in accordance with your responsibility of care is necessary for following the correct processes, acting in your duty of care and being a positive force within your community. Vaccinations can be more than a health measure – they can be a regulatory requirement. Whether you are in a specific sector that requires workplace flu shots, or you’re simply looking for an easy and efficient way to boost the well-being of your business, a flu vaccination is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal.

If you’re interested in taking the next steps towards a happier, healthier, more productive workplace, don’t hesitate to get in contact with Logic Health.

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