Enabling Success

Skilled Offshore

Logic Health has partnered with Skilled Offshore to complete a library of Occupational Role Profiles which has enabled them to fully understand the sprain and strain risks inherent in each of the work tasks conducted by their personnel. These documents are utilised to enable the organisation to get personnel back to work in the best time frame possible and to ensure all personnel can functionally meet the physical demands of their work tasks. This project resulted in Skilled offshore receiving a runner up High Commendation at the SeaCare Conference in 2014. As outlined by Skilled the below outcomes resulted from the strategy:

  • More accurate recruitment of the right people for positions (safe job matching)
  • Noticeable reduction in injury frequency
  • Slashed workers compensation claim costs and durations
  • Reduction in exposure of crew to work that could pose risk to health
  • More precise timing determinations by doctors on when individuals are indeed fit for work again following a health condition or injury

Joondalup Health Campus

Logic Health has partnered with Joondalup Health Campus to assess and define the physical demands of a select number of work tasks. These assessments were then formalised and documented and now form the Occupational Dictionary utilised by the hospitals Injury Management, Human Resources and Safety teams. From these assessments the Logic Health team designed a suite of pre-employment assessments to ensure all new starters and employees returning to work were able to meet the physical demands of the work tasks, giving the organisation piece of mind that they would not be injuring their employees. This strategy has helped lead to the first ever 6 month LTI free period.


Logic Health partnered with Inpex to look after the health and wellbeing of their personnel through the implementation of customised Stretch Boss™ workshops. This has been highly successful with frequent stretching sessions conducted throughout the day, as well as a recognition by Healthier Workplaces Western Australia.

To further improve the health and wellbeing of personnel, Inpex has implemented a customised resistance band program, called Strength Boss™. This enables staff to participate in regular strengthening throughout the workday and limits the negative effects of long duration sitting.

Leighton Contractors

Logic Health was selected by Leightons CVL-3 HSE team to assist in limiting sprain and strain injuries to their personnel on the Inpex Ichthys project in Darwin, Northern Territory. To achieve the desired results Logic Health tailored a strategy that includes onsite coaching, customised manual handling training, implementation of Stretch Boss as well as heat and hydration initiatives to combat the extreme temperatures. The workforce and supervisors have embraced the program and regularly express how impressed they are that the Logic Health team members actually work alongside them in the field as part of the onsite coaching, something they have not seen before. This strategy has assisted in a dramatic reduction in the projects TRIFR.