Reducing Injuries

With the average cost of a musculoskeletal disorder resulting from hazardous manual handling being $36,8911, and approximately 48,000 days  lost per year as a result of musculoskeletal disorders from manual tasks in WA alone1, it is essential that employers proactively seek to reduce their employees potential for musculoskeletal risk. Work Well is a comprehensive set of services that can be used individually or as a package to dramatically reduce a company’s potential of adding to these statistics.

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Workplace Risk

Job Demand Assessment

Our Accredited Exercise Physiologists functionally analyse a job to evaluate the musculoskeletal risks inherent. Our findings are presented in a logical easy to read format that highlights the risks to each body part and presents suggestions for cost effective risk mitigation strategies. Applications for JDA’s include: Return to work planning Education of treating practitioner for…Continue Reading

Manual Handling Perth

Manual Handling Training Improvement

Logic Health conducts specialised assessments to identify and correct manual handling training and ergonomic risk present at your workplace in Sydney, Victoria & Perth. This may be office ergonomic assessments, manual handling assessments on particular high risk tasks or workshop assessments. Once the assessments are completed a brief report with cost effective solutions, and an…Continue Reading

Health Injury Coaching

Onsite Coaching

Our Exercise Physiologists work on the job with your employees to show them how to implement realistic, relevant injury prevention strategies into their work tasks. It also allows us to customise our Injury Prevention Workshops to your specific needs. Onsite coaching is a service that sets Logic Health apart from other providers.