Health Initiatives

A healthy workforce is a productive workforce. Promoting health and wellness in the workplace is a great to way improve employee job satisfaction and quality of life. Logic Health offers a range of health initiatives & workplace wellness programs that can be customised to the needs of your workforce, examples include:

Corporate Events

Corporate team events are a fantastic health promotion tool for any organisation. Group participation facilitates a supportive environment in which individuals can achieve their goals and improve their physical wellbeing.

Logic Health can take the hassle out or organising corporate events by managing every stage of the process including promotion, registration, conditioning of participants, marketing and merchandise and race day logistics. The following are just some of the events Logic Health can organise for you:

    • City to Surf
    • Rottnest Channel Swim
    • Corporate Triathlons
    • Tough Mudder

Onsite Gym Management

Logic Health can provide an Accredited Exercise Physiologist to oversee the operation of you onsite gymnasium or fitness facility. Our services range from management of facility set-up, right through to day to day operations . Our experienced Exercise Physiologists provide a high quality service to your workforce that includes health appraisals, gym orientation, personalised training programs,  individual and group training sessions and facility maintenance.

 Group Fitness and Circuit Classes

Our Exercise Physiologists can provide pre-work, lunchtime or after work group fitness classes that facilitate the achievement of health and fitness goals through individualised programs and personalised service.

Health Pit Stops

Health pit stops include are short (5-10min), customisable assessments that assess vital health markers such as obesity, blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose levels, stress and fatigue. Health Pit Stops are great initiative to use as part of organisations next conference or safety meeting.

Weight Loss & Healthy Eating Campaigns

Weight loss and healthy eating campaigns are a great way to increase the health knowledge and wellbeing of your workforce. Campaigns can encourage physical activity through the use of pedometers of movement based mobile apps, healthy eating through education on reading food labels, food diaries and nutritional guidelines, or a combination of both.