14 May 2015

Sprain & Strain Injury Rates

Do sprain and strain injuries continue to negatively impact your employees and your organisation. We have compiled a simple infographic that outlines the impact of sprain and strain injuries according to Safe Work Australia. Sprain and Strain2-1  

27 April 2015

Subsidised Beyond Blue Mental Health Training

Beyond Blue will offer subsidised training until the 30th of June this year. What a great initiative! See the link below for more details.  

25 March 2015

Workplace Wellness: Passing Fad or Here to Stay?

Interesting discussion on workplace wellness Workplace Wellness Article  

25 March 2015

Benefits of avoiding prolonged sitting.

Recent Australian research has demonstrated the benefits of avoiding prolonged uninterrupted periods of sedentary (mainly sitting) time, interspersing periods of inactivity with breaks, and substituting (at minimum) light-intensity activity for sedentary time.These benefits include improved weight and metabolic outcomes. For example, the amount of sedentary time, time spent in light-intensity physical activity and time spent […]

17 March 2015

Tips to beat stress

Great tips on how to beat stress from the Australian Psychological Society.

03 March 2015

Successful wellness programs

Wellness programs are often not evaluated correctly or at all. The only way to know if your wellness program is successful is to evaluate it. Here are some consideration to effectively evaluate your wellness program and get more support and funding. Program Evaluation Considerations

23 February 2015

Seven tips to manage workplace stress

Seven simple tips to manage workplace stress. Print this off and put it up in the office or email it to your workmates. 2014-NPW-Stress-A3-Poster-Infographic

12 February 2015

Sedentary Activity – Sit Less Move More

Here is a great infographic, from the Heart Foundation, to distribute to staff and team members regarding long duration sedentary activity, which is now being referred to as “Sitting Disease”. The latest research in Australia shows that we are sitting for 8 out of every 10 minutes, and people who meet the recommended daily exercise […]

10 November 2014

AMC acknowledged for their positive approach to employee health.

Well done to the Australian Marine complex on being recognised by Live Lighter. The AMC has taken great steps to improve employee health and wellbeing. Read More…

08 November 2014

Beat the Heat this Summer

Some simple strategies, based on research, that you can implement into your outdoor workforce today.7 Simple strategies to decrease heat related illness in your workplace

20 October 2014

Welcome to our new website!

Please feel free to look around. Our Logic Blog is where we will keep you up to date with all the latest health and fitness information as well Logic Health news. If you have any health and fitness questions answered  please post a reply in the comments section of any post you see on this site […]